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Hephaestus, an Olympian God of Ancient Greek Mythology...
had a physical disability.  


Some of the surviving mythological tales describe Hephaestus' disability as being acquired during a fall from Mount Olympus while other accounts suggest that his condition was consistent from birth.  Hephaestus' disability, which affected his foot and so also his mobility, nevertheless allowed him to reign as the penultimate blacksmith and craftsman among the pantheon of gods, producing their supernatural weapons and armor.  

Some of the mythological creations attributed to Hephaestus' skill include: the winged helmet and sandals of Hermes; Achilles' armor; and Eros' bow and arrows.  Often in the artistic depictions of Hephaestus, he is portrayed in a seated position, sometimes at his forge (pictured above right), riding a winged chariot (pictured lower left), or riding a donkey (pictured upper left).  Generally Hephaestus is also pictured with his symbolic hammer and tongs.




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